New Technology Makes LED Pet Collars Even Better

From smart phones to smart cars, who had ever thought that the technical advancements would reach the pet collars too! Wandering off of a dog could be its owner's worst nightmare. The older LED collars have been specifically beneficial during night time spotting of ones lost pet. But the new hi-tech up-gradings of the pet collars is simply amazing both for the pets as well as their owners. Equipped with never thought of features, these collars would simply be the most amusing thing one’s pet could ever have - besides let’s say, howling in a luminous night in case you happen to own a wolf, which just reminds me to this Coyote Moon slot machine, one of the favorite games of online casinos, the true pioneers of LED technology.

led-dog-collarsThe dog fitness tracker is one of the oldest and most practical inventions in dog tech. lt monitors the activity of the dog and the limits can be set everyday with the help of a connected mobile app. Apart from that it ideally counts the calories burnt, distance traveled, the hours of sleep in a day and overall variation in behavior. The newest versions of such trackers come equipped with a longer battery life of as long as six months.

Ever thought who would remind a dog to behave when left alone at home? The old LED collars with surveillance facilities come advanced with the added features of interaction in the owner's absence. The collar comes attached with a camera and enables the pet to be aware of the owner's presence, even if it is virtually. One can watch their dog's everyday activity in their absence and monitor and remotely connect with the dog at all times.

Imagine a dog with a wearable hi-tech jacket! Some companies have come up with hi-tech vests that gives the dog an ability to get trained like any service dog. It possesses the facility for 911 calling through a bite or a tug censor. This is immensely practical when it is about the dog taking care of its owner. Weird or funny as it may sound, but it indeed is one of the most constructive and sane technical additions to the LED dog collars. Not only this, but the dog can be trained to play light-based interactive puzzle toys.

The camera attached to the camera is combined with the training incentives. The entire system is controlled remotely through an app in the owner's gadget. A bit of light challenging games that a dog can be kept busy with while one is away for work. The contemporary collars come attached with such advanced technology that it can be linked to any automation device at home, such as the thermostat, which when connected with the app on the owner's phone can actually determine the dog's body temperature.

This awesome night time accessory for dogs has seen many technical progresses for the pet's betterment. The earlier LED collars required frequent battery changing, whereas the new ones come attached with USB recharging system. Wasting money on batteries is thus a passe. The new collars are made with weather proof material and are splash proof as compared to the earlier collars with permeable material.

Some newer LED collars are equipped with batteries which can last up to three and half dog years or six months before it needs to be charged again, as compared to the earlier LED collars. Some might find putting a leash on the dogs as inhuman, but these advanced collars are less of a fashion and more of a need for the pets. A technologically progressive way of staying connected with the pet one adores is rather revolutionary and a breakthrough in what technology can be capable of. It has been noticed that over sixty billion dollars were spent on pets' accessories, food and other products previous year in America. The newest and more refined LED collars are the next addition to this escalating record!