How to make your pet stand out better

american pet products associationPet lovers go an extra mile to indulge their pets. The America Pet-Products Association claims that the money spent by pet lovers on their pets is about to cross the 600 billion dollar mark. Some pet lovers love raking up a garangutan following for their pets on lnstagram- Pomeranian Jiff and Nala the cat are just a couple of examples. These pets stand-out- in a different context.

You would like to make your pet stand-out too as a preliminary safety measure. Do you have any idea as to how many pets succumb to injuries caused by road accidents? Statistics reveal that as many as 1.2 million dogs in the US alone lose their lives on the roads. For cats, the numbers go even as high as 5 million annually. This indeed is a sad narrative. You need to make your pets stand-out better by enhancing their visibility parameters. In most instances, pets have died because of not being visible enough on the roads.

The onus of your pet safety lies on you. Ever given a thought to what you could do to avoid your pets from becoming hidden targets. Vulnerability factor of your pets can be reduced if you follow certain principals with sincerity. The most readily available solution is putting LED collars on your pets. As a pet lover, your most favorite respite is taking your dog for a walk or a jog. This is an exercise which could compromise your pet's safety.

Therefore, always use a LED dog leash. This way, as evening approaches and visibility diminishes, your pet remains shining bright. The market for pets these days has a host of solutions. Reflective jackets, illuminated and reflective harnesses as well as leash lights, are readily available. These convenient products ensure that even if your pet goes astray, it will be able to alert cyclists and pedestrians of its presence and avoid accidents. Be practical, a little foresight can stall a lot of grief. Put ID tags on your pets. If you have one with a microchip, even better. If your dog doesn't like to be on a leash, then you can use a collar LED clip light.

led-dogs-collarRemember, the pets are your responsibility.

If your pet is a cat, then preferably use an LED collar embedded with a breakaway latch. As cats tend to squeeze into constrained spaces, they might snag their collar and harm themselves in the process. In this context, a breakaway latch helps. You may even choose an LED necklace for your feline pet. Using a Carabiner light could be a great idea as light emanates from it for a long while and could be of great help.

While these ideas work remarkably fine, there are many that you will have to observe to avoid accidents. While taking your pet for exercise or walk, make sure that you choose a leash which is short in length. Keep to paths which are well lit and keep a torch handy even though your pet is wearing a LED collar. A genuine pet lover would take these small steps to ensure that the pet's safety is not compromised. A sure way to entitle yourself to tremendous happiness.