Are you observing these important pet safety rules?

From the moment a pet enters your home, it is important to allow it to settle in with a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, and pets can sense this right away. With comfort comes being safe around your newest family member which is why it is vital to implement these following strategies and rules in the household


Did you know?

Owners must have an in-depth knowledge about the breed of their new pet, as this can determine many important things such as when they will eat, what they will eat, sleeping patterns, and so on. It is also imperative that you do not touch your pet when they are eating, sleeping, or taking care of their young ones (if you are so lucky to have that experience). Pets will have their own unique way of settling in and it is best to leave it up to them to make themselves at home, so don't force anything. It is Important for children to note not to negatively play with, or bully their pet, especially when it is new and trying to settle in. Statistics show that children who tease their pets, or any animal, will more than likely get bitten, or even worse, attacked, because at the end of the day, yes it may be your pet, but it is still an animal and animals have sharp instincts. Furthermore, strange animals should not be approached, but if you must hug or touch them for any reason, do not wrap your hands around their necks, as this will most likely provoke an attack.

In the unfortunate event of an attack, use anything within arms-reach to create a wall between you and your pet. These can be items such as a jacket, wallet, or any item that is soft and easy on the teeth. If you are too late, or the sheer power of the pet throws you to the floor, simply form your body in to a circle, cover your ears and lay still until the situation has diffused. When standing up, take caution if the animal is still around as your pet may still have a bit of attitude to get out. While we don't like to think it, pets should be kept behind a fence, in a cage or on a leash if out in public. This will prevent any further attacks on yourself and to others.

Something you may not have known, is that there are dangers lying around the house for dogs and any other pet which may consume, well anything really, at their best convenience. From razors in the bathroom bin to sugary products and pills left within reach, these are things we do not often think too much about, but can harm pets so much so that a visit to the vet would not be out of the question.

So there we go, some fun facts about pet safety, which will go a long way to saving a life and improving the relationship between your family and pet.